Varde Ovne Thuro 10

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Thurø is a classical wood-burning stove. It is low, compact and and there is a clear view of the flames.

This stove is designed to embody the primary functions of a traditional wood-burning stove; to provide a focal point for the family to gather around to warm themselves.

Varde Ovne Thuro 10 Technical Data

  • 6 KW (5-8 KW) ≈ 50-120 m2
  • Flue gas data: 4,9 g/sek.,265°C at 20°C, 12 Pa.
  • Combustion chamber (H×B×D): 24×40×26 cm
  • Smoke exit Ø15 cm
  • Height for installation top: 92.5 cm
  • Distance to non-flammable products: 5-10 cm
  • Distance to flammable products: From behind = 20 cm
  • From the side= 32.5 cm

  • Height: 96 cm
  • Width: 55 cm
  • Depth: 41 cm
  • Weight: 121 kg

  • Varde Ovne Thuro 10 Manual

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