Maintenance & Safety
Child Guard

The Morsø Child Guard is an essential accessory for homes with children and pets.
Efficientand elegant, this superbly constructed Morsø accessory is equipped with two side panels and wall fittings.

Height x Width x Length: 70 x 110 x 110 cm.

Flue Gas Thermometer

The Morsø flue gas thermometer is attached to the flue pipe with a magnet and is used to measure the temperature of the smoke in the flue pipe right above the stove.

Leather Glove

This practical protective glove is made with thick leather and is available in black with the Morsø logo in white. The gloves are avail-able for both left and right hand.

Maintenance Products

You can obtain maintenance products and helpful advice about stove maintenance from your local Morsø dealer. Your Morsø dealer stocks original Morsø installation and maintenance materials – fireplace mortar, ceramic insulation string, gasket kit for doors, paint, stove kit, glass cleaner, stove blacking etc.

Wood Moisture Meter

Ensures that wood fuel has the correct moisture content thus maximizing fuel combustion and fuel efficiency.

Morsø Hearth Plate

Morsø offers a selection of hearth plates in glass. The Morsø glass hearth plate is made with 12 mm clear glass that has a specially bevelled edge to give the hearth plate an elegant and exclusive look.

Storage Bucket

This four gallon bucket comes with a tight fitting lid to ensure containment of ashes until all embers are put out.

Height x Diameter 37 x 30 cm.


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