Firewood Holders
Choice Firewood Holder

An elegant and functional firewood holder that can hold both an adequate amount of firewood and all stove accessories, e.g. matches, fire starters, lighters, newspapers, and the removable stove handle. Everything is kept in one place, keeping the area around the stove nice and tidy. The Morsø canvas wood carrier is included.

Feet Log Holder

I Love to light my stove but sometimes I wish that the log holder itself could walk out and collect the logs. So it was obvious for me to give the log holder wide, happy walking feet.

Firewood Box

The Morsø Firewood Box is painted with a non-gloss powder coatingthat gives the same surface finishas a Morsø stove.

Height x Width x Length: 30 x 38 x 45 cm. Morsø Canvas WoodCarrier is included.

Firewood Bucket

The Morsø Firewood Bucket are painted in a non-gloss powder coating that gives the buckets the same surface finish as a Morsø stove. Small bucket Ø40 - Large bucket Ø45.

Log Carrier

This handy wood carrier is made of black canvas and has sturdy wooden handles.

Loop Log Carrier

Morsø Loop is the opitomy of contemporary design. Loop is a series of unique and user friendly fireside accessories, made to compliment your New Morsø stove.
The new loop Log Ring is designed to neatly and cleanly stack firewood logs. It incorporates a soft rubber handle for carrying comfort and a soft rubber mat\tray to catch any dust or debris.

Sinus Multi Basket

Sinus is novel design when it comes to firewood baskets. The innovative choice of material gives it a warm and fascinating expression.
Available in two sizes and four colours: coal-black, spicy red, mocca brown. These baskets are ideal for firewood as well as for newspapers or the children‘s toys.


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