The Morsø S50 is presented as an elegant and well-proportioned piece of furniture to dress any home. The slanting door gives the stove character and also accentuates the beautiful and generously-designed glass front.

The Morsø S 50 is part of the new range of steel stoves, which aim to give a modern and unique expression.

Latest Combustion Technology

The stove’s refined combustion technology assures the user of environmentally-correct heating, and the S50 also bears the Swan eco-label and complies with all international standards for wood-burning stoves. The stove’s ergonomically-designed door handle remains cool during stoking and also ensures robust and precise 3-point closing of the door. The combustion air can be supplied to the stove from the bottom and from the rear, so the S 50 can be installed in the home in the best way to achieve a perfect view of the flames.

Technical Overview

  • Rated output - 8 kw
  • Height - 1050 mm
  • Width - 512 mm
  • Depth - 410 mm
  • Fuel - Wood & briquettes
  • Log length - 35 cm

  • Awarded Nordic Swan Mark Environmental Certification

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