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Designed with the larger room in mind, the Ø8 will add a touch of class to almost any interior designer’s concept. Smooth lines coupled with double doors, makes this piece of ‘heating furniture’ fit into the clas¬sic-modern category in design.

Steel stoves with in-built clean burn combustion system

Incorporating the Fire-Slide control, the Ø8 is capable of many hours of unattended burn time. As with all of the stoves from the Ø-Collection, the in-built clean-burn combustion system will help keep both your chimney and the environment clear of excessive smoke emissions.

‘Style and Function’ is the main philosophy behind the design, with special emphasis on simple operation and environmental impact.

Technical Overview

  • Rated output - 9.3 kw
  • Height - 633 mm
  • Width - 633 mm
  • Depth - 508 mm
  • Fuel - Multifuel (manufactured smokeless fuel and seasoned wood)
  • Log length - 50 cm

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