The new Morsø 8180 represents an exciting expansion of the 8100 series – with exclusive side windows. The broad and beautifully shaped glass windows provide an extra view of the flames, make the stove light and lively, and create a delightful mood in the room.

The series with side windows comprises 3 models: Morsø 8180 with low base, Morsø 8182 with base and ash pan, and Morsø 8188 on a pedestal.

Modern and Proven Technology

Over 150 years of know-how about the properties of cast iron find expression in this popular series of stoves. Starting with the very highest values, from the solid and nearly imperishable materials to the most modern and proven technology, Morsø has created a wood-burning stove whose soft rounded contours and simple details give it a light and timeless look.

Easy Operation

The Model 8180 is easy and intuitive to use, because the stove's air intake, and thus its combustion and heat output, are controlled by means of a single handle. Based on the convection principle, this wood-burning stove offers incredibly clean and efficient combustion, which burns off environmentally undesirable chimney gases. That's why this stove has been approved under the strictest environmental requirements in the world, including Nordic Standard NS 3058/59 and the Nordic Swan Eco-label.

The Morsø 8180 is a wood burning stove ideal for heating living areas of up to 120 m2

Technical Overview

  • Rated output - 7 kw
  • Height - 869 mm
  • Width - 530 mm
  • Depth - 450 mm
  • Fuel - Wood & briquettes
  • Log length - 30 cm

  • Awarded Nordic Swan Mark Environmental Certification

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