“We have created a wood burning stove which puts the particular features of cast iron to the test and combines Morsø tradition with present-day ideas of a modern wood-burning stove.” DesignPartners.

Expression of Strength and Power on a Pedestal

History has been captured in the new design, taking inspiration from Morsø tradition and modern design. The Morsø 5448 on a pedestal has a characteristic front made of black glass and soft shapes, an appearance not unlike a touch-screen. The cast iron stove’s shape is like a non-rigid box, acquiring its strong look from the ribs on its sides. It has a high sentimental value among our stove builders, who have brought back to life the old elements such as the valve, the exposed hinges and the black, bakelite handle of the old classic stoves. This has been combined with a unique design, which could only be made from cast iron.

Robust Fire Sculpture

The Morsø 5400, which bears the Nordic Swan eco-label, is based on the convection principle and delivers fantastically clean and effective combustion. It is both logical and easy to use, as the stove’s air intake – and therefore also the combustion and heat – are controlled by a simple handle, designed in cast iron. The wood burning stove can heat homes measuring up to 120 square metres.

Technical Overview

  • Rated output - 6.2 kw
  • Height - 1066 mm
  • Width - 486 mm
  • Depth - 415 mm
  • Fuel - Wood & briquettes
  • Log length - 30 cm

  • Awarded Nordic Swan Mark Environmental Certification

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