Morsø 1442 also uses a unique combustion system, and conforms to the world’s most stringent environmental requirements. It uses the latest stove heating technology including the integrated convection system. The classic Morsø 1442 is available with a squirrel motif or with ribbed sides.

Cast iron stove with a unique Heat Distribution

The stove’s convection process ensures swift and evenly distributed heating throughout the room. The size of the stove makes it ideal for fairly small homes, weekend cottages and similar, and ensures that both the fuel and the stove are utilised optimally. The stove does not emit any radiation heat, and therefore it does not have to be positioned far away from furniture. Morsø stove 1442 is a powerful heating source, with a capacity to provide heating for a living area of up to 75 m2.

The cast iron stove is equipped with a riddling grate, an ash shelf and ash drawer, which make it easy to remove the ash and clean the stove. Morsø’s combustion system includes an air cleaning system, ensuring that the glass is always kept clean and that the firing is correct.

Technical Overview

  • Rated output - 3-5 kw
  • Height - 715 mm
  • Width - 435 mm
  • Depth - 438 mm
  • Fuel - Wood & briquettes
  • Log length - 28 cm

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