Morsø 1410 is a classic radiant wood burning stove that will quickly and efficiently heat small rooms. A traditional wood-burning stove decorated with Morsø’s classic squirrel relief on both sides.

Wood burning stove for small rooms

Morsø 1410 is a small universal cast-iron stove that can be used with different types of fuel: wood, briquettes, and smokeless fuel. This wood-burning stove is perfect for small homes, holiday homes etc. with limited heating needs. The stove is a powerful heat source that fires up quickly and will heat up to 75 sq. m of living space.

Technical Overview

  • Rated output - 4.5 kw
  • Height - 546 mm
  • Width - 388 mm
  • Depth - 438 mm
  • Fuel - Wood & briquettes
  • Log length - 28 cm

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