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Varde Ovne has been producing woodburning stoves for a very long time, since the days when wood-burning stoves were mostly used in holiday homes. Varde Ovne have been one of the leading players in developing new, high-efficiency stoves that are now a natural focal point in any home.

Varde Ovne was the first manufacturer of wood-burning stoves in the world to meet the strict requirements to the much coveted Nordic Ecolabel. The standard has stringent requirements for combustion efficiency and particle and hydrocarbon emissions. To qualify to carry the Nordic Ecolabel a stove must not contain any heavy metals.

All Varde Ovne stoves are CO2 neutral and highly efficient. The wood absorbs just as much CO2 while it grows in its natural environment as it emits when it is burned in a Varde Ovne stove, which means that you make no negative impact on the environment when you use a stove from Varde Ovne.

Varde Ovne have developed a wide range of freestanding and wall-mounted wood-burning stoves. Most of Varde Ovne stoves are available in different design variations.

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