The Original cast Iron Stove

If you asked 100 random Danish people to name a make of wood-burning stove, more than 90 of them would without doubt say “Morsø”. With good reason. For generations, Morsø has been the quintessence of a Danish wood-burning stove. Timeless and modern at the same time. Efficient. Cosy. And made of cast iron, which many people still see as the only correct material for a stove.

Unique properties

No matter how hard they’ve tried to produce new, cheaper and lighter materials, nobody has managed to produce a wood-burning stove with the same unique properties as the cast-iron stove:

  • All stoves want to expand as they get hot. However, cast iron has a thermal tension, which makes the material especially well suited to changing temperatures. The result is that a Morsø cast-iron stove neither twists nor becomes skew once it’s heated up. We don’t weld our stoves – a Morsø stove is bound with ceramic string and bolted together with screws, so it will always be perfectly sealed and always good for burning a fire in.
  • Cast iron is highly resistant to burn-through.
  • The thickness of the cast iron we use at Morsø is almost twice as thick as a stove made of sheet iron. So, our wood-burning stoves retain the heat for longer.
  • Cast iron’s ability to distribute the heat is higher than that of sheet iron. This means that the heat from a Morsø cast-iron stove always feel comfortable and pleasurable to be near to.
  • You receive a 10-year guarantee against casting faults and other production faults according to Morsø’s warranty conditions.

99 percent of the cast iron in a Morsø wood-burning stove comes from scrap which has been re-smelted. This is particularly good for the environment. It’s quite fascinating to think that your new stove might have once been a bicycle. Or a lamp post!

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